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News Editors: 

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Gwen Cannon, "Bywood," Nightingale Lane, Chalfont-St.-Giles, Bucks. 

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The Millenial Star is the Official publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of 

Latter-day Saints in Great Britain. Published monthly from 21 Stanley Street. 

Cheetham, Manchester, M8 8SH, England. Printed by the Target Press Ltd., 

Boulton Road, Reading, Berks. 



by Elder Marion C. Romney 
of the Council of the Twelve 

# AMONG the many things for which I 
am thankful is the sanctifying process 
of repentance. I am grateful to the 
Lord Jesus Christ who, through the 
atonement he wrought, gave us the 
gift of repentance. I am grateful that 
he was willing voluntarily to give his 
life for us. That is literally what he 
did. He did not have to give it; he 
did not have to die. Because he was 
the Son of God, he was not subject to 
the fall, as were men. Within him was 
power to live forever. "... I lay 
down my life for the sheep" — he said. 
"No man taketh it from me, but I lay it 
down of myself. I have power to lay it 
down, and I have power to take it 
again." (John 10:15,18.) He inherited 
power over death from his divine 

It took a person with power over 
death to pay the debt to justice to 
bring men forth in the resurrection. It 

took a sinless one, a god, even the 
sinless Son of God, to satisfy the de- 
mands of justice for men's sins. They 
themselves could not make an atone- 
ment which would either bring about 
their resurrection or pay for their sins 
and bring about their spiritual rebirth. 
And so I repeat, I am grateful for my 
Redeemer, grateful that he paid the 
debt and brought about the means 
of repentance so that by repenting of 
my transgressions I can bring my soul 
within the reach of his atoning blood 
and thereby be cleansed of sin; for 
after all, it is by the grace of Christ 
that men are saved, after all they can 
do. The thing they can and must do is 

repent. I love the doctrine of repen- 

During the past few months I have 
seen the need of it — oh, how I have 
seen the need of it. I have seen mis- 
sionaries, saints, and nonmembers of 
the Church, in far-off lands sorrowing 
with a godly sorrow for sin. I have 
heard them say, "Oh, Brother Romney. 
do you think there is any hope for me, 
any chance for me to get even on the 
bottom rung of the gospel ladder?" 

And as I have witnessed their sor- 
rowing, I have remembered the sor- 
rowing of repentant men in days of 
old; Zeezrom, for example, whose, 
"soul," after he realised what he had 
done in opposing the ministry of Alma 
and Amulek, "... began to be har- 
rowed up under a consciousness of his 
own guilt; yea, he began to be encircled 
about by the pains of hell." So severe 
were his sufferings that he " . . . lay 

sick at Sidom, with a burning fever, 
which was caused by the great tribu- 
lations of his mind on account of his 
wickedness." (See Alma 14 and 15.) 
And Alma, who said of the suffering he 
endured for "seeking to destroy the 
church of God": 

"I was racked with eternal torment, 
for my soul was harrowed up to the 
greatest degree and racked with all 
my sins. Yea, I . . . was tormented with 
the pains of hell; . . . with inexpressible 
horror, . . . even with the pains of a 
damned soul." (See Ibid., 36). 

But then I also remembered the rest 
which came into their souls when, 
through repentance, they found forgive- 
ness. "Yea, I say unto you," said Alma 
to his son Helaman, that as "there 
could be nothing so exquisite and so 
bitter as were my pains" — so "... 
on the other hand, there can be nothing 
so exquisite and sweet as was my joy." 
(Ibid., 36:21.) 

And so I was comforted and encour- 
aged those who confided in me, and 
I encourage all sorrowing, repentant 
men to be comforted — comforted by 
the experience of Alma and by Paul's 
assurance that "... godly sorrow 
worketh repentance to salvation ..." 
(II Cor. 7:10). For today, as well as 
in days of old, there is hope, there is 
peace, there is rest in Christ for all 
whose godly sorrow brings them to 
that repentance which worketh salva- 
tion. Forgiveness is as wide as repen- 
tance. Every person will be forgiven for 
all the transgression of which he truly 
repents. If he repents of all his sins, 

he shall stand spotless before God 
because of the atonement of our 
Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ; while 
he the; excercises no faith unto repen- 
tance remains "... as though there 
had been no redemption made, except 
it be the loosing of the bands of 
death." (Alma 11:41.) Such is the gist 
of God's merciful plan of redemption. 

There are many among us whose 
distress and suffering are unnecessarily 
prolonged because they do not com- 
plete their repentance by confessing 
their sins. You will recall the following 
words of the Saviour, 

"I command you to repent, . . . and 
that you confess your sins, lest you 
suffer these punishments of which I 
have spoken." (D&C 19:20.) 

In another revelation he said, 

" By this ye may know if a man 
repenteth of his sins — behold, he will 
confess them and forsake them." (Ibid 

Repeatedly he says that he forgives 
the sins of those who confess their 
sins with humbleness of heart, "... 
who have not sinned unto death." (See 
Ibid., 61:2; 64:7). And he adds, 

"... he who has repented of his 
sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the 
Lord, remember them no more." (Ibid., 

But how are we to fulfil this com- 
mandment? To whom are we to confess 
our sins? In the fifty-ninth section of 
the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord, 
with other directions concerning his 
"holy day," says, 

"... remember that on this, the 



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Lord's day, thou shalt offer thine obla- 
tions and thy sacraments unto the Most 
High, confessing thy sins unto thy 
brethren, and before the Lord." (Ibid., 

I would assume that we are to con- 
fess all our sins unto the Lord. For 
transgressions which are wholly per- 
sonal, affecting none but ourselves and 
the Lord, such confession would seem 
to be sufficient. 

For misconduct which offends 
another, confession should also be 
made to the offended one, and his for- 
giveness sought. 

Finally, where one's transgressions 
are of such a nature as would, unre- 
pented of, put in jeopardy his right to 
membership or fellowship in the 
Church of Jesus Christ, full and effec- 
tive confession would, in my judgment, 
require confession by the repentant 
sinner to his bishop or other proper 
presiding Church officer — not that the 
Church officer could forgive the sin 
(this power rests in the Lord himself 
and those only to whom he specifically 
delegates it) but rather that the 
Church, acting through its duly appointed 
officers, might with full knowledge of 
the facts take such action with respect 
to Church discipline as the circum- 
stances merit. 

One having forsaken his sins and, 
by proper confession, cleared his con- 
duct with the Lord, with the people he 
ha^ offended, and with the Church of 
Jesus Christ, where necessary, may 
with full confidence seek the Lord's 
forgiveness and go forth in newness 
of life, relying upon the merits of 

Let us in this manner clear for right- 
eous living the decks of our own lives, 
and get on our way to eternal life. 
Only by so doing can we rid ourselves 
of those guilty feelings of unworthi- 
ness, depression, fear, uncertainty, and 
self-condemnation which block our 
upward climb. So long as we put off 
either the forsaking or confessing of 
our sins, just so long do we delay the 
day of our redemption. 
"Let not the past hang heavy as 
a millstone to thy heels, 
"To drag thee downward as each 
upward impulse to thy nobler self 

"But as the joyous butterfly from 
its chrysalistic shell breaks free, 
"So from the past must thou rise 
jubilant, thine own true self to be." 

This we may do today if we will, for 
Amulek assures us that "... if we 
will repent and harden not our hearts, 
immediately shall the great plan of 
redemption be brought about unto us." 
(See Alma 34:31.) 

And President Joseph F. Smith 
spoke these comforting words: 

"... none of the children of the 
Father who are redeemed through 
obedience, faith, repentance, and bap- 
tism for the remission of sins, and who 
live in that redeemed condition, and 
die in that condition, are subject to 
Satan . . . They are absolutely beyond 
his reach just as little children are who 
die without sin." (Gospel Doctrine, p. 

God grant that it may be so with 
us all, i humble pray in the name of 
Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. 



This is a plea from 
the Editor of the 
'Millennial Star" . . . 

During the five years 
that I edited the "big" 
edition of the "Star" 
I faithfully kept a 
copy of each issue for 
my own library. 
BUT over the years 
these have been borrowed 
— and not returned — and 
now my only record of 
five years hard labour 
is a bundle of a dozen 
or so copies of the 

I would be grateful if 
members having spare 
copies of the larger 
sized "Millennial Star" 
could let me have the 
spare copies so that I 
can build up my files 
again . . . and thus have a 
permanent record of my work. 

Thank you so much. 

Please send them to: 
David Boulton, 
6 Carew Road, 
Wallington, Surrey. 






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by Elder Henry D. Taylor 

• WE SING a beautiful hymn that is 
a favourite of mine. It refers to our 
existence prior to coming to this earth. 
Siste. Eliza R. Snow, the author, poses 
some very meaningful questions, and 
in addressing our Father in heaven 
"When shall I regain thy presence, 

And again behold thy face?" 
She concludes the hymn with this 

"When I leave this frail existence; 
When I lay this mortal by, 
Father, Mother, may I meet you 
In your royal courts on high? 
Then at length, when I've completed 
All you sent me forth to do; 
With your mutual approbation, 
Let me come and dwell with you." 

("0 My Father") 
Our Heavenly Father loves us, his 
children, and desires that each will 
return again to his presence, for he 

has declared: 

"... behold, this is my work and 
my glory — to bring to pass the imorta- 
lity and eternal life of man." (Moses 

In order to attain this goal of im- 
mortality, it was decreed that 
individuals privileged to come to this 
earth must pass through the experi- 
ence of death. But God in his wisdom 
allowed his Only Begotten Son in the 
flesh, Jesus Christ, to suffer, bleed 
and die on the cross to break the bands 
of death. Through his atoning sacrifice 
Christ became our Saviour and Re- 
deemer It is through him that we will 

return to the Father, for he has said: 

"... no man shall come unto the 

Father but by me ... " (D&C 132:12). 

We have the promise and assurance 
that after death, our earthly, mortal 
body will be resurrected and become 
the glorified tabernacle of our eternal 

Our Father in heaven is all-wise and 
infinite. He is also a God of law and 
order. He has given to man a plan — 
the gospel plan, which furnishes in- 
structions for us to follow in order to 
return to his presence. These instruc- 
tions are known as commandments and 
are given to us through his servants, 
the prophets. 

Every commandment is important 
and has been provided for a specific 
purpose. It is not logical to suppose 
that man may choose the command- 
ments he wishes to observe and ignore 
the others. Note how emphatically the 


Lord has expressed himself on this 

"If thou lovest me thou shalt serve 
me and keep all my commandments." 
(Ibid., 42:29. Italics added.) 

We might well consider that keeping 
the commandments is a "one package 

In contemplating the gospel plan, 
however, there is a possibility that 
we may be attracted to certain doc- 
trines to the exclusion of others. 

Many years ago I read some verses 
that made a lasting impression upon 
me. They are called, "The Blind Men 
and the Elephant": 

"It was six men of Indostan, 

To learning much inclined, 

Who went to see the Elephant 

(Though all of them were blind), 

That each by observation might 
satisfy his mind." 

The first happening to fall against 
the broad and sturdy side exclaimed: 
"The elephant is very like a wall!" 

The second feeling of the roundness, 
smoothness, and sharpness of the tusk 
cried: "This wonder of an elephant is 
very like a spear!" 

The third happened to grasp the 
squirming trunk in his hand. "I see," 
quoth he, "the elephant is very like a 

The fourth reached out his hand, and 
felt about the knee, "What this won- 
drous beast is like," he said; "Is very 
like a tree!" 

The fifth who chanced to touch an 
ear, stated: "This marvel of an elephant 
is very like a fan!" 

The sixth in groping about, seized 
the swinging tail. "I see," quoth he, 
"The elephant is very like a rope!" 

"And so these men of Indostan, 

Disputed loud and long, 

Each in his own opinion, 

Exceeding stiff and strong, 

Though each was partly in the right. 
And all were in the wrong.' 

(John Godfrey Saxe). 

And thus it is with us and the 
gospel. We catch a glimpse here and 
another there. Like the blind men of 
Indostan, we form our own impressions 
of the gospel. Yet it has been restored 
in its fulness, and through study and 
prayer we can obtain a knowledge and 
appreciation of its beauty and com- 

Now to return for a brief considera- 
tion of the Lord's commandments, 
keeping in mind his promise when he 

"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do 
what I say; but when ye do not what 
I say, ye have no promise." (D&C 

From the very beginning, God has 
provided his children with instructions 
or comandments. To Adam he gave the 
law of sacrifice. On Mt. Sinai, Moses 
received the Ten Commandments for 
the children of Israel. Some of these 
tell us what to do; others what not 
to do. Today, we still subscribe to 
those teachings as being basic and 
binding upon us. 

From time to time through the years 
other important instructions have been 


Frequently we hear the admonition: 
"Keep the commandments and you will 
be blessed," but there is more to it 
than that. Specifically, what are these 
commandments, the observance of 
which will bring us promised bles- 
sings? While the list would be impres- 
sively lengthy, a few essential ones 
we mention: 

First: Love the Lord thy God with all 
thy heart, might, mind, and strength. 
Love is one of the great attributes of 
God and is the very essence of the 
gospel of Jesus Christ. Love is a vir- 
tue that every person should earnestly 
strive to develop. 

Second: Next to loving God, we 
should love our neighbour as our- 
selves. This anticipates that we will 
be honest in our dealings with our 
fellow man and not take unfair advan- 
tage but help him in every way 

Third: In order to keep ourselves un- 
spotted from the world, we should go 
to the house of prayer on the Sabbath 
day, partake of the Sacrament, renew 
our covenants with the Lord, and re- 
member our promise always to keep 
his commandments. 

Fourth: Prayerfully choose a suitable 
mate, go to the temple, the house of 

Relief Society 



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(Postage 9d.) 


21 Stanley Street, Cheetham, 

Manchester, M8 8SH 

Telephone: 061-832 9416/7 


the Lord, to be married and sealed, not 
only for time, but also for all eternity. 

Fifth: Establish a home, multiply and 
replenish the earth, rear a righteous 
family, set a proper example for a 
worthy posterity and the whole world. 

Sixth: All members of the Church 
should live righteously. By so doing 
every male member will make himself 
worthy to receive the priesthood and 
should then magnify it by gratefully 
accepting responsibilities that come, 
which callings he neither covets nor 
rejects, and in all his responsibilities 
he should be supported by his wife 
and family, standing loyally by his side. 

Seventh: Search out the names of 
departed kinsman. As a proxy perform 
ordinances in the house of the Lord 
for their salvation and exaltation. 

Eighth: Recognise that "the earth is 
the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; 
. . . " (Psalm 24:1.) Pay tithes and 
offerings as a token of appreciation for 
the good things of the earth and for 
all other blessings we receive. 

Ninth: Share the gospel and teach 
all who will hearken to its message. In 
this way every member will become a 

Tenth: Provide for our own economic 

independence. Remember the poor and 
needy and show concern for their wel- 

Eleventh: Keep the body a sacred 
temple for the Spirit of the Lord by 
being clean, chaste, and virtuous, 
realising that his spirit wil not dwell in 
an unclean tabernacle. Also keep the 
body strong by observing the Lord's 
law of health, known as the Word of 

To this list you will want to add 

As mortals we are weak. We have 
many frailties and imperfections, and 
it may be difficult at first to obey all 
the commandments. But . we should 
never cease striving. Progress is doing 
better today than we did yesterday. 
Each of us should have as an objective 
the Saviour's admonition 

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as 
your Father which is in heaven is per- 
fect." (Matthew 5:48). 

As we become more perfect, we 
gain strength and will power and thus 
it is easier to keep all of God's com- 
mandments. When this is accomp- 
lished, we are well on our way to 
happiness and eternal life. 

We cannot truly believe that we are the children 

of God and that God exists without our also 

believing in the final inevitable triumph of truth 

expressed in the gospel of Jesus Christ 

David O. McKay 



ttoeret Book 

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salt lake city 

un washington ilvd ooden 

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"The Challenge" 

by Alvin R. Dyer 
In fifteen succinct chapters 
Alvin R. Dyer lays down "The 
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chapter the author traces the 
development of the successful 
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How Old Is Christ's Gospel? 

By Dr. O. Preston Robinson 

In The Challenge of the Scrolls 
Dr. Robinson has made a careful 
study of these records and teachings 
and shows authentically that the 
gospel is one and the same and has 
existed from the beginning of the 

16/9 plus 2/- post & packing 

| Hon) old is 

.:.»••> **fl** 




Telephone: 061-832 9416/7 



My thoughts were shattered completely. 
When in deepest despair one cay, 
I knelt me down discreetly, 
AnJ alone I tried to pray. 

Gainsaying my total distress, 
I remembered to thank my Lord, 
Hoping that me He would bless, 
If I could strike the right chord. 

But how does one open one's heart, 
Without even counting the cost, 
And try to make a new start, 
When hurt and utterly lost? 

My questions were, "How can this be?" 
And, "How have I warranted this?" 
"Dear Father, why pick on me, 
"Just when I thought life was bliss?" 

Yet deep down inside me I knew, 
No blame should I ever assign, 
To God, forever so true, 
Who above all is divine. 

My heart cried out, "Lord, please help me," 
Whilst scalding tears ran down my face, 
He answered, plain as could be, 
"Calm your fears and rest apace." 

"Just turn your eyes towards My way, 
"And tell me when your work's begun, 
"Know that love win find a way, 
"Always lean on Me, my son!" 

And all at once the things I feared, 
They seemed as nothing and were gone, 
All my anguish disappeared, 
And in my heart His love shone! 

Charles T. Stoner 
South London Ward 



I'd wanted something very long, 
My longing had become most strong, 
I'd flicked along through memories book, 
And pictures rushed in as I looked. 

These sad enhanced my deep despair, 
Until I knelt in fervent prayer, 
I placed myself most reverently, 
In love, right at my Father's knee. 

"Dear child, come tell me all your woe," 
Was all His blue eyes seemed to show, 
I rushed into His loving arm, 
From whence was soothed all my alarm. 

I told my Father from the start, 
The saddened state of my poor heart, 
Then gone indeed was my despair, 
For what I'd lost I found — right there. 

Jean Rose Marie Beswick 
Luton Ward 




by Elder Elray L. Christiansen 

Presidency, I have visited all of the 
temples in the Church, some them 
several times. Meetings have been held 
with the temple officials and with the 
workers in which we discussed ways 
and means by which we may improve 
and better the condition in the temples, 
beginning at the entrance, so that the 
work as a whole, which is carried on 
there, the higher ordinances of the 
priesthood, will be approved by the 
Lord, for they are indeed his holy 
houses, We desire to conduct the 
sacred work in a manner that is en- 
lightening, edifying, and uplifting to the 
young people and others who come to 
these holy places for their own bles- 
sings, endowments, and sealings. 

We desire to carry on the work in 
a manner in which it will be more 
rewarding to those who come on behalf 
of those who have passed away, even 


in a manner that will bring comfort and 
assurance to those who come with 
heavy hearts. A constant need for 
maintaining greater reverence and 
kindness is recognised. I am pleased 
to find that the temples themselves 
are immaculately kept and well main- 
tained. Among the ordinance workers 
I find devotion to duty that is seldom 
matched. I have often said that I have 
never seen a demonstration quite so 
wonderful as that which is shown by 
those who come as ordinance workers 
day after day, week after week, year 
after year, seldom if ever failing to 
meet their appointments, labouring and 

attending to the needs of those who 
enter those holy places. 

The desire and willingness on the 
part of temple presidents, their associ- 
ates, and the workers to join in a united 
effort better to co-ordinate and improve 
the work is gratifying indeed. But there 
is much to be accomplished and much 
to be hoped for. 

Many of our members, I find, are 
coming to the temples under difficulty, 
especially in foreign lands, making 
sacrifices, financial and otherwise, in 
order to bless and to be blessed. Yet, 
because of these extreme efforts they 
are perhaps the happiest of all. 

Picture, if you will, a large group 
from Tonga, fathers and mothers with 
their children selling practically all that 
they possess, their furniture, their 
animals, their vehicles, some of their 
personal items, all except their modest 
homes, in order to provide funds for 



the trip of over 1,000 miles by slow 
boat requiring three weeks of travel, 
to receive their blessings. And then 
these wonderful people remaining at 
the temple for three weeks in order 
to extend the same gifts, powers, and 
blessings to others. I have never met 
yet such a happy and delighted group. 

The elders quorum from the Hamburg 
Stake goes to the temple once every 
three months. A group from Berlin 
Stake spent three weeks attending 
every session, using their precious 
vacation time and money to do it. Each 
of these two groups has performed 
ordinances, the endowment, for nearly 
400 people. From Norway, from Finland 
from Denmark, Sweden, and Mexico, 
Canada, here at home and everywhere, 
Ir is the same. They whose hearts are 
turned to their fathers go to their 
temples regardless of the difficulty. 
An almost endless number of stories 
could be told, giving evidence of 
appreciation for the temple ordinances, 
but time does not permit. 

Those here and in every area whose 
souls reach out on behalf of others, 
who cannot help themselves, surely 
are applying in their lives the second 
great commandment in which we are 
told to love our neighbour as our- 
selves. The effort and the accomplish- 
ment of many individuals in genealo- 
gical research and temple work is 
commendable, but it is evident that 
only a small percentage of the mem- 
bership is actively participating in the 
two-phase work. They realise that 
redemption of the dead is of primary 

importance rather than of secondary 
importance, and they do something 
about it! Vicarious work is a founda 
tion stone of the gospel. There is 
no full salvation for the living without 
vicarious service; we would not be 
sufficiently qualified and prepared for 
that salvation. 

If there had not been that unmatched 
love of the Father to sacrifice his Son 
for us, painful as the decision must 
have been to our Father, and if Jesus 
had not been willing, there would have 
been for us no salvation from death. 
We would have been subjected to 
Satan, and our bodies would have re- 
mained in our graves forever. And yet, 
we may without great inconvenience, 
and in an atmosphere of peace, act in 
a vicarious way on behalf of others to 
prepare them to receive the greatest 
gift of all — eternal life. 

May I ask you two golden questions? 
What do you know about your progeni- 
tors? What have you done in their be- 
half? (Note that I have borrowed that 
from the missionaries). Even with these 
marvellous electronic machines that 
are coming into use now, there still 
is a need for research on the part of 
the individuals and by groups in order 
that these machines may be fed. The 
Prophet Joseph gave us this warning. 

"The Saints have not too much time 
to save and redeem their dead, and 
gather together their living relatives, 
that they may be saved also, before 
the earth be smitten, and the consump- 
tion decreed by the Lord falls upon 
the world ..." (DHC, vol. VI, p. 184). 


As I visit the temples, I find that 
the attendances at some of them is 
commendable, in others it is improv- 
ing, and some of them are far from 
being fully utilised, not because of a 
scarcity of names, but, if I may say 
so, I think perhaps it may lie in the 
leadership back along the line who 
are so involved in other things that 
they do not stimulate and motivate 
their people and organise them so they 
may consistently attend to this indis- 
pensable part of the Lord's work. Con- 
sider that Elijah appeared, in person, 
to the Prophet Joseph and said this: 

"Behold, the time has fully come, 

which was spoken of by the mouth 
of Malachi — testifying that he (Elijah) 
should be sent, before the great and 
dreadful day of the Lord come — 

"To turn the hearts of the -fathers to 
the children, and the children to the 
fathers, lest the whole earth be 
smitten with a curse — 

"Therefore, the keys of this dispen- 
sation are committed into your hands; 
and by this ye may know that the 
great and dreadful day of the Lord is 
near, even at the doors. (D&C 

These keys and powers have been 
given to each succeeding president of 

Wear an 




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L D 

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anodised metal 

actual size 

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the Church, and today they are held 
by President Joseph F. Smith. This 
being true, each member of the Church 
has the inescapat.e obligation to see 
to it that: 

IHe and his companion and their 
children are sealed at the altar for 
eternity. Every man should consider 
this his first duty. He who knowingly 
and without sufficient reason neglects 
to bind his loved ones as his own, will 
doubtless have no claim upon them 
after this life. Salvation for the dead 
is for those who die without a know- 
ledge of the gospel, so far as the 
glory of the celestial world (which is 
the family world) is concerned. 
Families, united eternally, are the pri- 
mary purpose of all life." 

2 It is the duty of every man to see 
to it that the records of his pro- 
genitors are obtained, and 

3 To see to it that the ordinances 
necessary for salvation and exal- 
tation are administered in behalf of 
his kindred dead. 

Research and temple work are pri- 
marily the work of the priesthood; but 
thank goodness for the help the sisters 

From the days of the Prophet Joseph 
down to the present time, each of the 
Presidents has charged the leaders of 
stakes and of missions and quorum 
presidencies to lead out and stimulate 
others in this vicarious service. 

These obligations cannot be brushed 
aside. For "... as Paul says concern- 
ing the fathers — that they without us 
cannot be made perfect — neither can 
we without our dead be made perfect." 

(D&C 128:15). 

I repeat an appeal made in these 
words by President David O. McKay: 

"May all who hold the priesthood 
sense more fully the sprit of Elijah and 
comprehend more clearly the necessity 
of giving to all who have gone beyond 
the veil the privilege of enjoying the 





The world meets death, 

With fear in its heart. 

The unknown, 

But often explored. 

And why did not Lazarus 

Reveal its mysteries 

When he returned from the grave. 


Through the darkness 

Shines a light. 

A gospel of truth and simplicity 

Which reveals all. 

Death brings life. 

Eternal life. 

With parents, 

With children and wife, 

And God. 

blessings that follow compliance with 
the principles and ordinances of the 
everlasting gospel; that some day all 
mankind, judged by the acts done in 
mortality, may receive their merited 
rewards, and those who are worthy be 
saved, sanctified, and glorified." (The 
Improvement Era, p. 603, August 1959). 


£ J> 



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*Aa Reproduced Hare 


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by Elder Marion D. Hanks 
Assistant to the Twelve 

• THE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ teaches 
us that the salvation and exaltation of 
men are made possible solely through 
the graciousness and goodness and 
love of God in his gift to us of his 
Divine Son, whose life exemplified the 
Father's purposeful plan for abundant 
living and whose sacrificial death made 
available to us and gave us a vision of 
our eternal possibilities as children of 
God. From the record of Nephi we read 
these impressive words: 

"For we labour diligently to write, 
to persuade our children, and also our 
brethren, to believe in Christ, and to 
be reconciled to God; for we know that 
it is by grace that we are saved, after 
all we can do." (2 Nephi 25:23). 

The records of latter-day revelation, 
as well as those of former days, attest 
to the great truth that through the 
atonement of Christ all men will cer- 
tainly be resurrected, and that all who 


are willing and obedient may enjoy the 
blessing of God's great gift of eternal 

The Latter-day Saint understands 
that through the gift of God, through 
the great atoning sacrifice of his 
Divine Son, all that we might achieve 
is made possible for us, but he under- 
stands also that in the plan of God it 
is necessary that we accept this free 
gift if we would enjoy all of our eter- 
nal possibilities. For the Lord told his 
people through the Prophet in 1832, 

'For what doth it profit a man if a 
gift is bestowed upon him, and he 
receive not the gift? Behold, he rejoices 

not in that which is given unto him, 
neither rejoices in him who is the 
giver of the gift." (D&C 88:33). 

What must we do to "receive" his 
gift? The answer of the prophets has 
been the same, both anciently and in 
this dispensation, both in the eastern 
hemisphere and the western. The 
answer was given by Peter at Pente- 
cost to those who, havirg been pricked 
in their hearts by the witness of Christ 
born by the apostles, asked what they 
must do. The answer was clear and 

"Repent and be baptised every one 
of you in the name of Jesus Christ for 
the remission of sins, and ye shall 
receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."... 
(Acts 2:38). 

Nephi in his parting testimony ex- 
pressed his feelings of compassion for 
his own people, for the Jew, and for 
the gentile, and said: 



"But behold, for none of these can 
I hope except they shall be reconciled 
unto Christ, and enter into the narrow 
gate, and walk in the straight path 
which leads to life, and continue in the 
path until the end of the day of pro- 
bation." (2 Nephi 33:9). 

And after bearing his witness of the 
Messiah to his people this same 
prophet said: 

"For the gate by which ye should 
enter is repentance and baptism by 
water; and then cometh a remission 
of your sins by fire and by the Holy 
Ghost." (Ibid., 31:17). 

In 1831 the Lord revealed to the 
Prophet the following: 

"... he that receiveth my gospel 
receiveth me; and he that receiveth 
not my gospel receiveth not me. 

"And this is my gospel — repentance 
and baptism by water, and then cometh 
the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost 
. . . " (D&C 39:5-6). 

There is one other thought com- 
panion to these. Testifying that funda- 
mental to everything we believe and 
hope for and have faith in is the great 
sacrifice of the Son of the Living God, 
knowing that he requires of us that we 
accept his great gift, thee is some- 
thing else necessary if we are to en- 
joy the high spiritual possibilities which 
it is within our capacity to achieve. 
Let me refer to the teachings of Nephi 
to his people after he had taught them 
faith, repentance, baptism, and the 
reception of the gift of the Holy Ghost, 
as previously quoted. Said he, 

"And then are ye in this straight and 

narrow path which leads to eternal life; 
yea, ye have entered in by the gate; 
ye have done according to the com- 
mandments of the Father and the Son; 

"And now, my beloved brethren, after 
ye have gotten into this straight and 
narrow path, I would ask if all is done? 
Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for ye 
have not come thus far save it were by 
the word of Christ with unshaken faith 
in him, relying wholly upon the merits 
of him who is mighty to save. 

"Wherefore, ye must press forward 
with a steadfastness in Christ, having 
a perfect brightness of hope, and a 
love of God and of all men. Where- 
fore, if ye shall press forward, feasting 
upon the word of Christ, and endure to 
the end, behold, thus saith the Father: 
Ye shall have eternal life. 

"And now, behold, my beloved 
brethren, this is the way; and there 
is none other way nor name given 
under heaven whereby man can be 
saved in the kingdom of God ..." 
(2 Nephi 31:18-21). 

We accept with all our souls the 
absolute efficacy and essentiality of 
the atonement of Christ. We attest to 
the words of Peter and of other 
prophets ancient and modern that it 
is necessary for us to accept our 
Heavenly Father's gift by obedience 
to what we know as the first principles 

and ordinances of the gospel. We know 
also that if we are to enjoy the high 
possibilities for which we are created 
and which we might desire as children 
of God, we must build upon our faith 


and obedience with right thinking and 
well-doing. We must press forward 
with steadfastness in Christ, having a 
perfect brightness of hope, and a love 

of God and of all men. Through so 
doing, if we endure to the end, we 
shall have eternal life. There is no 
other way. 

Dr. Milton R. Hunter, author of 
Christ in Ancient America, brings into 
publication another best seller for 
Latter-day Saints, adding to a long list 
of successful publication: Brigham 
Young the Colonizer, The Mormons 
and the American Frontier, Utah and 
her Western Setting, and Archaeology 
and the Book of Mormon. 

To each of these books Dr. Hunter 
has brought the wealth of his scholar- 
ship, his historical training, and his 
power as a researcher. 

In Christ in Ancient America, Dr. 
Hunter evidences all of these rare 
qualities— plus an additional one: that 
of being able to ferret out little-known 
and almost totally unavailable mate- 

Dr. Hunter has not only read widely 
and intensively in this filed, he has 
also made many trips to the areas he 
discusses, familiarizing himself with 
the background and acquainting him- 
self with the peoples. It is small won- 
der that with the training and study 
that Dr. Hunter has made of archaeol- 
ogy and the Book of Mormon as well 
as of other historical subjects he has 
been called to write over a hundred 
special articles for encyclopedias, for 
historical journals, for books, and for 
yearbook material. 

The text has been beautifully en- 
hanced by the 146 illustrations Dr. 
Hunter has gathered, two of which are 
four-color plates, nineteen duotones, 
and the rest in black and white. Christ 
in Ancient America is a work of art as 
well as a book that is of great infor- 
mational and spiritual significance. 

In addition to the tremendous 
amount of work he has done in his 
specialized field of work, Dr. Hunter 
has fulfilled his calling as a member 
of the First Council of the Seventy, a 
position to which he was called in 
April 1945. 


by Milton R. Hunter 


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21 Stanley Street, Cheetham, 

Manchester, M8 8SH. 

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by Elder Bruce R. McConkie 
of the First Council of Seventy 

• I BEAR WITNESS and testimony and 
record that God has spoken in this our 
day; that the heavens have been 
opened; that the fulness of the gospel 
has been given again to men on earth; 
that angels have ministered from the 
presence of the Lord; and that the 
kingdom of God, the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints, is here in 
the most literal and real sense. 

Now, this is a startling, a dramatic, 
a marvellous announcement and claim 
to make. Perhaps it staggers the imagi- 
nation of people who have not been 
schooled in the revelations. 

Permit me to remind you that the 
ancient revelations speak in great 
measure, at extended length, about the 
glorious things that are to occur in 
the latter-days, in the era of restora- 
tion. I think there is no single subject 
covered in the ancient revelations as 
extensively, not even excepting the 


many revelations about the divine 
mission of our Lord, as is the general 
subject of the great era of restoration, 
the period when God will gather all 
things in one and consummate his 
glorious work in the latter days. 

For instance: You will recall that 
after our Lord had organised and set 
up his Church in the Meridian of Time, 
after he had ministered among his 
apostles, his brethren, for a period of 
forty days following his resurrection, 
after all things were established for 
that era, and on the occasion when he 
was to ascend in glory to his Father, 
he was asked the question: "Lord, wilt 

thou at this time restore again the 
kingdom to Israel?" And you will recall 
that he replied, "It is not for you to 
know the times or the seasons, which 
the Father hath put in his own power." 
(Acts 1:6-7). But then he sent his wit- 
nesses to declare the glad tidings of 
salvation for that era to all the world. 

In other words, those brethren knew 
that in a day subsequent to that which 
then was, in a period after New Testa- 
ment times, the promises, glorious 
promises made to Israel, were to be 

You will recall that all of the pro- 
phets in ancient Israel spoke and wrote 
at great length about the latter days 
and the restoration of the kingdom to 

You will recall that early in his 
ministry, when Peter was speaking to 
those on whose hands the blood of 
Christ was found, he said these very 



expressive words: 

"Repent ye therefore, and be con- 
verted, that your sins may be blotted 
out, when the times of refreshing shall 
come from the presence of the Lord; 

"And he shall send Jesus Christ, 
which before was preached unto you: 

"Whom the heaven must receive 
(now please note) 

until the times of restitution of all 
things, which God hath spoken by the 
mouth of all his holy prophets since 
the world began." (Acts 3:19-21). 

That is to say, between the first and 
second comings of our Lord, there 
„vas to be an era in the earth's his- 
tory which was named "the times of 
restitution of all things," or as we 
would express it, in more up-to-date 
language, the era or period or age of 

You will recall that it was Paul who 
said that in the Dispensation of the 
Fulness of Times all things would be 
gathered together in one in Christ, 
both things which are in heaven and 
on earth. (See Eph. 1:10). 

You will recall the words of John 
that an angelic ministrant should fly 
through the midst of heaven in the 
latter days to bring the everlasting 
gospel to men on earth. (See Rev. 

We need not multiply illustrations; 
we easily could do so. There are multi- 
tudes and multitudes of scriptures 
which tefl the events that are to trans- 
pire in our day, and so far as we can 
learn, no one else ever claimed 
revealed knowledge of their fulfilment; 

no one else ever came professing to 
know of the fulfilment of the 
prophecies of old, relative to the set- 
ting up of the kingdom of God in the 
last days. 

We have this witness in our hearts, 
a witness borne of the Spirit, that 
these things have in our day occurred; 
and we believe most firmly that the 
Lord is no respecter of persons, which 
means that he will give the Holy Ghost 
to any living soul who will abide the 
law entitling him to receive revelations 
therefrom, and that member of the 
Godhead will bear record to him of the 
divinity of Christ his Son and of this 
great latter-day work that has been 

You know, from the beginning, from 
the days of the Prophet Joseph to this 
moment, the men who have been living 
oracles, witnesses of the truth of these 
things, have been sound, stable, great, 
intelligent, competent men. We have 
not been led by people who are un- 
stable or fanatical or unbalanced in 
any sense of the word. We have had 
men who have been educators and 
bankers, presidents of insurance com- 
panies. People who have sat in the 
halls of Congress and in Cabinets with 
Presidents, the most stable, mature, 
and sensible men, industrialists and 
otherwise, that anyone could expect 
to find. 

Now it would seem to me that when 
men of the highest, soundest calibre — 
I mean the living oracles, the Presi- 
dency and the Twelve, from the 
beginning to now — stand up in Church 



by Smith and Gardner 

Vol. 1 33/6 
Vol. 2 33/6 
Vol. 3 42/- 



SEARCHING WITH SUCCESS (Reduced from 25/) 15/- 

INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Loose-leaf. Published 1965. (Reduced from 32/6) 25/- 

"SEARCH AND RESEARCH (Reduced from 25/-) 15/- 

*HANDY BOOK FOR GENEALOGISTS (Reduced from 29/6) 4th ed. 21/- 

(Reduced from 35/6) 5th ed. 25/- 

*For Research in U.S.A. 

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gatherings and bear fervent witness to 
the divinity of these things, and certify 
that they know as they know that they 
live, that God has spoken in this day, 
it seems to me that any person in 
the world who has spiritual inclination 
ought to stay himself and wonder, 
and be willing to search and make in- 
quiry, and find whether these glorious 
and marvellous things are true, or 
whether they are not. 

I had a man tell me how it came 
about that he was converted to the 
Church in his later years, past sixty. 
He said that he chanced to be on 
Temple Square in Salt Lake City. He 
walked into the Tabernacle when Presi- 
dent J. Reuben Clark was addressing 
a civic organisation on a civic or 
political subject. At the end of his talk 
this man told me, President Clark said 
in substance, "Now, I am going to bear 
you my testimony about Joseph Smith 
and the restoration of the gospel," 
which he did with the power that few 
can equal. The convert then said, "I 

had never before heard of Joseph 
Smith, but I did know who J. Reuben 
Clark was, and I figured that if a man 
of that calibre would tell me in the 
sincerity with which he spoke that this 
great truth was available, that I ought 
to make inquiry and find out," and he 
investigated and joined ihe Church. 
That is a very sensible attitude. 

To what these great men have said. 
I add my own personal testimony, an 
assurance born of the Spirit, an assur- 
ance coming when the Holy Ghost, the 
Spirit of the Lord, which has spoken 
to the spirit which is within me, con- 
veying truth with unshakable certainty 
I add my witness that God Almighty 
has opened the heavens in our day; 
that all of the laws and principles 
which comprise the gospel of salvation 
are here again; that legal admini- 
strators stand at the head of the 
kingdom of God on earth; and that for 
all who will hearken and believe and 
conform to these principles there is 
peace and joy in this life and a hope 
of eternal reward hereafter. 

The mission of the Church is to proclaim the truth 
of the restored gospel, to uplift society that 
people may mingle more amicably one with 
another, and to create in our communities a whole- 
some environment in which our children may find 
strength to resist temptation, and encouragement 
to strive for cultural and spiritual attainment. 

David O. McKay 







There were no skinheads rioting on 
the Prom, but there were Scouts in 
the swimming pool, Laurels on the 
lawn, M-Men in the Main Hall. Yes, 
England South West Mission M.I.A. 
had taken over Barton Hall, Torquay 
again for their Annual Conference in 

This was surely the best Conference 
ever, with over 600 young people — 
young in spirit if not in years — spend- 
ing three action-filled days together. 
The weather smiled on them and the 
sun shone for three days. 

The scene was set on Friday after- 
noon when they entered the Ballroom 
to be welcomed to the Conference by 
Sister Bernice West on behalf of the 
Mission M.I.A. Board. They stood to- 
gether and sang the Conference Theme 
song written by Phillipa Pullman of 
the Wales West District, "Together 
through Eternity" — then straight into 
the most vigorous and tiring 48 hours 
of the year. On Friday afternoon alone 
the Swimming Gala, Music Sacred, 
Recitation and a Fashion Parade took 
place. Then following Dinner there was 
perhaps the most enthralling and com- 
petitive event of the weekend, Road 
shows and Entre Acts. All eight Dis- 
tricts in the Mission presented both 
Roadshows and Entre Acts and the 
standard was quite superlative. It was 
after midnight by the time the pro- 
gramme finished and the first event 
for Saturday began at 7.30 a.m. This 
was a Cross Country run with 38 boys 
and men competing, plus Junior Boys 
4-a-side Football and Junior Girls 6-a- 
side Sports. Then followed Arts and 
Table Decorations before breakfast 
which was closely followed by the 

Speech and Music Pop contests. 

In the afternoon they had 6-a-side 
Football, Netball and the 12-a-side 
Potted Sports programme. Some people 
participated in nearly all of these 

After dinner on Saturday the Forma- 
tion Dance Competition took place in 
the main ballroom, immediately fol- 
lowed by the Convention Ball. For 
those who preferred it there was a Folk 
Dance in the small Ballroom. 

When remembering such a wonder- 
ful weekend, it is difficult to separate 


the highlights, but the memory of 
Brother Harris and his partner from 
Cornwall District when they made the 
whole audience rock with their 
"Musical" Entre Act, and the wonderful 
Music Pop and Phyllis P. Gilbert and 
Clives Jones of Weston-Super-Mare 
with their superb rendering of "Chloe" 
will not be forgotten. Also among the 
highlights was the Fashion Show with 
wonderful entries — everything from a 
tailored blouse to a beautiful red midi 
and a superbly matched bridal outfit. 
Last but not least the Formation 

Dance Contest — the best ever with 
wonderful participation and truly out- 
standing dresses and performances 
from both Wales West and Bristol 

The judges were Ray Farrar from 
Leicester, Angela Robinson and Thor 
Larsen both from Lincoln — ably assisted 
at all times by Sister Farrar and Sister 
Larsen — and Mission President John 
Madsen and Sister Madsen, who by 
their continuous participation and 
enthusiasm urged everyone on. 

As usual Sunday morning started at 


7.30 a.m. with Seminary conducted by 
Elder Ken Myers, the Mission Seminary 
and Institute Supervisor. Following 
breakfast came the climax with the 
General Session of Conference. The 
main ballroom was packed as over 600 
saints and visitors rose and sang the 
opening hymn. "Hope of Israel." 
Following the opening speaker came 
the presentation of Honorary Golden 
Gleaner and Master M-Man awards for 
the year to Ivy Holder of Gloucester 
District and Henry Summersell of 
South Coastal District. Brian West, 
Mission YMMIA Superintendent was 
the opening Speaker on the Conference 
Theme, then came a duet from sisters 
Phillipa and Rosalyn Pullman of Wales 
West District. As speaker followed 
speaker and testimony followed testi- 
mony the spirit of the Lord was almost 
tangible and when President Madsen 

rose as the final speaker he echoed all 
feelings when he said, "We have been 
brought up to the heights — spiritually 
we have felt to the depths of our 
souls." President Madsen went on to 
say that when one has experienced a 
time like this weekend "The feeling 
lingers — no one wants to walk away." 
Even then the Conference was not 
quite over and after lunch they returned 
to the Main Hall for the presentations 
of Awards. Each placed participant 
received an Award from President and 
Sister Madsen and the list would be 
far too long to print. However, one or 
two very special awards must be men- 
tioned. One for the all British swimmer 
of the year went to Gina Skeens of 
Plymouth District and the award for 
the best All British Girl Athlete was 
presented to Margaret Tymon of 
Bristol District. 


Then came the moment for which 
everyone had been waiting — the Mis- 
sion Shield was won by Bristol District 
who snatched it from the previous 
holders (Wales West District) by a 
mere seven points. Wales West came 
second and Plymouth District were a 
very game third. The Sportsmanship 
Trophy was won this year by Cornwall 
District — an extremely popular choice. 

Quite early in the presentation of 

Crawley and Portsmouth Branches 
compete in Volley-Bail 

Roger Perry receiving Arts and Crafts 

Award on behalf of Crawley District 

from Mission President Wallace G. 


Melvin Hudson and Marian Sparkes of 
Gorleston married on October 10, 1970 

Awards a young boy called George 
went up to receive the team aw ar d 
for his football team who had won the 
competition at the Aaronic Priesthood 
Camp. "Nothing unusual in that" you 
might say, but George, a non-member, 
has been totally deaf and dumb from 
birth and his team were from the 
Grange School for deaf and dumb at 
Newton Abbott. President Madsen 
spoke to him in hand language and 
George was almost overcome. His 
personal climax to the weekend came, 
however, little iater as everyone stood 
to sing "Together through Eternity" 
for the last time. The boys who had 
brought George with them were in 
tears, they could not sing, but George 
sang the song in perfect pitch from 
beginning to end. He has not spoken 
since but this personal miracle had 
taught him that he could mix with 


anyone and not be different. 

The final word on the Conference 
comes from an older member of our 
youth, (70 years older) as he and his 
wife drove back towards Bristol he 
said: "If 'that was being together 
through eternity, eternity cannot come 
soon enough for me." 

A week later four hundred and forty 
people journeyed to Torquay for the 
England South Mission Youth Conven- 

The Don K. Archer Award for the 
best Road Show in the Mission went 
to Portsmouth District. Other trophies 
were warded to Portsmouth for Sports 
Portsmouth for Dancing, Crawley for 
Arts and Crafts, Watford for Music. 

The arrangements were organised by 
Brother and Sister M. Hewitt, of the 
Mission Board. 



July 23— to Brother and Sister Wool- 
bright, Gorleston Branch, a son. 

Sept. 2 — to Philip and Doreen Nash, 
Crawley Branch, England East Mis- 
sion, a son, John Philip. 

Sept. 28 — to Alec and Jennifer Mitchell, 
Norwich Branch, England East Mis- 
sion, a daughter, Hildi Jan. 

Oct. 29 — to Ronnie and June Bray, 
Ipswich Branch, England East Mission 
a daughter, Fiona Alexandra Mahalia. 


Marian Sparkles and Melvin Hudson 
were married on October 10. They 
were attended by Georgina and Heather 
Barron. The reception was held in the 
Lowestoft Cultural Hall. 



\WI illed Saints 

First Principles 

Members Called Saints 



Joseph Seeks Wisdom 

Latter-day Prophet 

Latter-day Apostles 

I !»■ (ireai Promise 

..I I lit- Bookol Mormon 

Melchizedek Restoration "Other Sheep" Christ in Western Hemisphere Promise of Book of Mormon